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Pocklington: 01759 305165
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Manufacturing is improving in the UK recent reports state and as every good business owner knows, you need to be aware of the financial issues which could impact on your business.
Our aim is to be to be part of our clients’ business and contribute to their success.

We understand that manufacturers face numerous operational challenges including margin maximisation, stock costing, employment issues and financial constraints by banks just to mention a few. At Fawley Judge & Easton we believe we have the necessary manufacturing experience to help you make decisions which can minimise the risks under the various stock costing systems, we can assist on employment issues including health and safety and pension requirements, we can also help in the negotiation of the appropriate banking arrangements to handle invoice financing of debtors and to consider the effect of foreign trade on currency transactions.

We understand and advise on taxation, not only from a corporate point of view, which includes capital allowance maximisation and research and development, but also from a business owner point of view in remuneration extraction, succession planning and exit strategy.

We can also advise on budgeting and forecasting, business acquisitions and disposals including due diligence, VAT matters, and raising business finance.

Manufacturing Accountancy & Auditing Services Include:

  • R&D intellectual property tax relief
  • M&A strategic advice
  • Succession planning and keeping talent
  • Management of supply chain risks
  • Working capital management, business improvement and financial modelling
  • Stock control management
  • VAT and Duty
  • Audit and assurance including service charge audits
  • Accounting services
  • Bookkeeping and management accounts
  • Payroll
  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Banking reviews

Hull Office

1 Parliament Street
East Yorkshire
Tel: 01482 224763
Fax: 01482 214874

Pocklington Office

12 Pavement
YO42 2AX
Tel: 01759 305165
Fax: 01759 305985



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